The Path

While I was walking down the path

I generated holographic passersby with golden retrievers that lapped up sunshine and put it all into their coats,

the music in their headphones danced over to my music and riddled away together impromptu and in phase, the waves building and ascending above our heads

I fashioned holographic flickers of alien botanicals which displayed the biolumenescence of glowfish, they bobbed precariously over fragile reality in thin layers at times more translucent.

At times I’d walk through them like tendrils of smoke just to find more smoke down the path. Smoke which gradually saturated with color and texture like a painter’s rag in midair

the scent of marijuana was recalled from memory then emanated from my sweat and I breathed it in again and again as I paced in the humidity and the humidity drew it out.

I dreamt of being high and atop a bicycle, eyes watering and psychadelic patterns skittering off the edges of everything. It was as if I was throwing out waves of observation which eddied and pooled against it all. Minute lines of whirlpools delineated the landscape

Quite the illusionist with quite the appetite, rolling through the woods, hungry for the folded crunch of all these leaves, all I need is ranch dressing

I’ll let ladybugs meander through my salad, I’ll eat around them, a kind herbivorous gangly giant with a pecking order in mind and high, high standards.

While I’m traipsing through the commons, bewildered and animalistic, taking too much in the way of sensation, I’ll faint into naps in mounds of clover and drool dew onto heart shaped leaves



If you need this
Take the peach flesh and slice it into pale film
In the razor thin we multiply
Stacked up and aligned
Slipped out into thin sheets
Shone through with light
Have I come alive?


By Silver Williams

After last night’s debauchle they decided to check my hands
Flipped them several times
But a person is a magic show until they are completely stripped
And even then, its hard to tell when a person is naked

It is difficult to tell when you’ve gotten to the very center because the glass is frosted and the core seems to shrink into an ever older body, dwindling into the impossibly elderly. As still as a root stump that is indeed dead but functioning. It would be impolite to stare just give her longer to wake
And don her magic breathes like earliest blooms of spring when you’ll have to forgive me because it’s difficult to believe this is real.
I thought we were dead. In the winter florescence of a ward. Yeah we’re worse for wear but we are filling our palms and then pouring humble handfuls into our lungs and just sitting in plain sight, incongruously alive

Creation Speaks Latin

By Silver Williams

Creation speaks Latin. My medium is calling, my tools are shaking with tremor. The brushes and pens, themselves subjects, each one a brush stroke reflection. En tongues. Magnetic fields coaxing them to swirl in clinking motions.
The suspense of the unhinged, the actions waiting to be dropped into the next divet. I’m nervous too

We’re Hurried So We Butcher Our Own Names

Make no bones about it
I’m just eyeballing this because I’m sure it fits in to my pupil filter
It drips down into my morning coffee
It rumbles out a complaint like everyone else rumbling and mumbling and complaining because their bodies ache and age
And cataracts make everything diluted even in foresight the small premonitions brewed into brackish wishes. You really must get that clock fixed. Jot it into a neon list, a sticky note adhered to the fridge screaming green. Do you hear me?! Tick Tock drip drip! Fuck-a-grrr-rumble

Neuroethics Society Meeting: Ethical Consumer Neurotechnologies

Dana Foundation

KK_INSblog Karola Kreitmair

The capabilities of neurotechnologies are revolutionizing the path of treatment and prevention for certain illnesses. As they continue to evolve, it’s become necessary for doctors and patients to consider the ethical quandaries that arise with the use of brain-interfacing devices.

“We are at a place where we are unlocking more and more data about peoples’ brains and behaviors, and developing more ways of affecting our brains,” neuroethicist Karola Kreitmair said in an interview with the International Neuroethics Society (INS) back in August. “It’s important that we have an ethical actor at the table to shape that future.”

Kreitmair was this year’s Rising Star Plenary Lecturer at the INS meeting, following a panel presentation on the ethics of neuroscience and neurotechnology. She addressed shared concerns brought up by the three panelists in her lecture, “The Seven Requirements for Ethical Consumer Neurotechnologies.”

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